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Bottle Production

PET blow
The blank of the bottle
is heated and then is
blown with compressed air.
As a result it becomes
up to 150 times bigger!
PET blanks
0.5-liter and 5-liter bottles
go through a similar PET technology
Final 1,5-liter bottle

PET advantages:

  • Weight. Comparing to a glass one a PET bottle is up to 15 times lighter.
  • Shipment. Due to its ductility and resilience PET bottles hardly get damaged during the shipment (unlike glass ones). Moreover PET bottles don’t need to be crated for the shipment that is also one more point for substantial saving.
  • Environmental compatibility. PET bottles can be completely recycled which is important in the current ecological situation.
  • Image. Our PET bottle has a unique shape that sets it apart from our competitors’ product.